Ladies! Are you ready to never feel the URGE to binge again, ditch the food GUILT & feel CONFIDENT wearing shorts?

Perfect! You're in the right place!


I've been there. I know. I see you.

Crying on the kitchen floor after an UNCONTROLLABLE binge.

Feeling GUILTY when you eat any food not considered 'healthy' or 'low calorie'.

Trying on TWENTY different outfits every time you need to leave the house & resorting to lounge wear.

Not being able to make love and enjoy it because you're only focused on how UNCOMFORTABLE you feel in your body.

Questioning if being healthy really means being this MISERABLE.

Googling 'how to lose weight fast' because you're angry and FRUSTRATED that nothing has worked even though you've been giving it your all.

You've tried everything.

You feel ashamed and alone.

I know all of these things about YOU because I was once in your shoes.

I thought it was impossible for ME to ever feel good about my body and stop being obsessed with food. Nothing had ever worked for me or felt sustainable.

It felt like a big joke the world was playing on me.

When I finally began implementing the right practices into my life, the changes came flooding in like it was a dream!

I am proof that YOU can also find freedom!

I used to cringe at my body and spent endless hours crying about it!

I never knew how free I could truly feel in my body until I began caring for my emotional and mental health as well as my physical.

I would never have embraced my body like I do today if I had continued on my unhealthy journey of restriction and over training.

That's why I created the Food Freedom Sisterhood!

A membership site for women to guide them through the process of ending their battle with food and finding their food freedom!

You'll have access to my entire toolbox showing you:

How to enjoy ANY food you want with intuitive eating.

Learn how to look in the mirror and smile with empowerment rather than cringe with hate.

How to train your brain to put YOU back in the drivers seat of your thoughts and actions.

How to never have the 'urge' to binge eat again so you can begin living the freedom life you deserve.

How you can LOVE movement and use it to make you feel good rather than as a punishment for your weight.

How to put on a cute dress or trendy shorts without feeling ashamed and instead feeling confident and beautiful.

Let me guess! This is where you are at...


On Mondays I'm doing amazing BUT then I find myself an entire pizza & block of chocolate later hating myself.


I think my life will be 100x better if I can beat my food addiction and finally get my dream body.


I've tried too many diets to remember (& that's only this year). NONE of them work for me & it leaves me feeling defeated.


Well Girl! The Sisterhood will take you here...


I never think twice about what I eat and I give myself permission to eat anything while still being healthy.


I love my body in the mirror and in photos! I can be intimate, feel sexy and empowered!


I don't weigh myself, EVER. I'm moving my body and being active without thinking about losing weight 24/7.

Sisterhood Five Pillars of Health

Everything we cover in the sisterhood is categorised under the 5 pillars of health which are essential for well rounded health!


The core foundation required to have the other pillars fall into place. It's time for you to take back control!


No diets, counting or any nutritional rules! We eat from a place of intuition, nurture and love for our bodies.


What it means to truly love your physical & your internal self. We will cover sensuality, feeling sexy and connecting with your soul.


Using movement in our daily lives that doesn't include just working out in a gym but also moving our bodies to feel good.


 A pillar all of it's own because it is often ignored yet there's so many things we can do to ensure you are getting proper rest.

"You are worth your weight in gold Christina. You held my hand and taught me to take that leap in faith in myself because you saw what I could achieve before I did xx"


The Membership

Take a look at what's inside the Sisterhood!


Monthly video trainings for your toolbox focused around the sisterhood 5 pillars of health.


Live video calls where we dive deep into your personal health journey and I answer all of your questions.


Exercise technique videos so you can workout at home or the gym confident you're doing it correctly.


A private Facebook group for Sisterhood members to ask questions, solve problems and support each other. 


An entire resource library dedicated to my favourite free tools to help you along your journey.

"Feeling so re-energised after tonight’s hot seat call. Big thanks to Christina Murphy and to all you amazing ladies for the support."


So you've tried EVERYTHING!

Why is the Sisterhood different?

Your diet books, 4 week shred programs and 28 day challenges are trying to transform your superficial layers.

This leads to some small weight loss and then you gain it back, the cycle continues until NOTHING works for you anymore.

We are going on a deep internal journey and we are going to tackle the root causes for everything that is causing you pain right now. Your monthly trainings give you plenty of time to form a true habit that will be life long and result in a sustainable health transformation!

"I am no longer a yo-yo dieter & I can appreciate myself when I look at my reflection in the mirror. Christina made me aware of how i looked and thought of myself."


How long will my journey take?

Everyones journey will look different! You may need 6 months or you may need 12 months inside the sisterhood to find your way.

That's why I created this membership and community to support you for however long it takes!

When you finally find your freedom (I'm so excited for you!) and no longer need the sisterhoods support, simply cancel in a few easy clicks.

Become a Sista!

$57 AUD Monthly Subscription

Get instant access to your toolbox that will finally set you free with your food and body!


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