We teach you to take control of your mindset to heal your obsessive food and body thoughts.


I've been there. I know. I see you.

Crying on the kitchen floor after an UNCONTROLLABLE binge.

Feeling GUILTY when you eat any food not considered 'healthy'.

Trying on TWENTY different outfits every time you need to leave the house & resorting to the baggiest clothes you own.

Not being able to make love and enjoy it because you're only focused on how UNCOMFORTABLE you feel in your body.

Questioning if being healthy really means living in FEAR that it can all undone with one food lapse.

Feeling FRUSTRATED that you have had success on your journey but still don't feel free or confident.

You don't want to go back.

You're craving mindset freedom.

I know all of these things about YOU because I was once in your shoes.

I thought it was impossible for ME to ever feel good about my body and stop being obsessed with food. Nothing had ever worked for me or felt sustainable.

It felt like a big joke the world was playing on me.

When I finally began implementing the right practices into my life, the changes came flooding in like it was a dream!

I am proof that YOU can also find freedom!

An online coaching hub for women that will teach you to take control of your mindset to heal your obsessive food and body thoughts.

You'll have access to my entire toolbox showing you how to:

Enjoy ANY food you without feeling like you're in a food prison.

Be able to look in the mirror and smile with EMPOWERMENT rather than cringe with hate.

Train your brain to put YOU back in the drivers seat of your thoughts and actions.

Put on a pair of trendy shorts without feeling ashamed and instead feeling CONFIDENT and beautiful.

Steph's Sisterhood Experience

Let me guess! This is where you are at...


I know what actions I should be taking but I never seem to follow through.


I think I'll be happier when I lose the next 5kgs, even though my past has proven otherwise.


You speak to your inner self in a way that you wouldn't dare speak to your friends.


Well Girl! The Sisterhood will take you here...


I never think twice about what I eat and I give myself permission to eat anything while still being healthy.


I love my body in the mirror and in photos! I can be intimate, feel sexy and empowered!


I don't weigh myself, EVER! Now I measure my success by how amazing I feel.


Keryn's Sisterhood Experience


The 3 Food Freedom Fundamentals

Human connection and conversation will be vital for your journey. Doing it yourself is hard! Christina's focus is to give you the emotional guidance other programs ignore, plus you have a loving community of other Sisters to connect with as well.

The Sisterhood Freedom Formula shows you exactly how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Whether you want to heal your binge/emotional eating, food relationship or self love, this formula gives you the exact courses you need to do as soon as you join us.

The 3 pillars of freedom which categorises everything we learn - Mindset, Food and Self Care. We cover physical, mental and emotional health! All of which mesh together and are vital for you to achieve your food freedom and unconditional self love.

"You have personally impacted me in a huge way and I am so grateful for you and your advice, courses, time and teachings. There’s not a lot of people or services that support women with physical health goals while also guiding them through the emotional and mental side. So thank YOU Christina!"



Monthly video trainings and workbooks focused around the sisterhood 3 pillars of freedom.


Live video calls where we dive deep into your personal health journey and have real conversation.


A private Facebook group for Sisterhood members to ask questions, solve problems and support each other. 


An entire resource library dedicated to my favourite free tools to help you along your journey.

"I come from a back ground of binge eating, restriction and calorie counting and for the first time in maybe 8 years I am eating intuitively. I wake up the next day with no guilt and move on in my life and when I do allow myself to indulge it is in normal portions. This has allowed me to reach a state of mind I never thought I would be able to reach. Christina is absolutely amazing, her content is life changing. I have been binge eating for 8 years now and on this program (been on it for a month) I have only binge ate once... THIS IS MASSIVE as I was binging consistently every 2 days. If I can change on this program, there is hope for everyone as before this, I had given up hope!"


So you've tried EVERYTHING!

Why is the Sisterhood different?

You've tried every diet possible & your current approach has given you some body changes but you've never had that feeling of FREEDOM. The thing is, you're only focused on transforming your superficial layers.

This leads to some small weight loss and then you gain it back, the cycle continues and no matter what you do NOTHING breaks you free of your mental food prison or gives you the confidence you're craving.

In the Sisterhood we are going on a deep internal journey and we are going to tackle the root causes for everything that is causing you pain right now.

Heather's Sisterhood Experience


Have a Question? xx

  • Monthly group coaching calls with Christina. 1:1 time with Christina is encouraged during the calls for her to help you personally. All replays are uploaded into the Sisterhood.
  • Video trainings under the 5 pillars of health - Mindset, Food, Movement, Self Care & Sleep. This is where we dive deep into emotional eating, healthy habits, self love, intuitive eating and so much more.
  • Members only Facebook Group with access to Christina plus a supportive community of ladies on the same journey as you.
  • Exclusive Sisterhood events and workshops to further support your trainings and individual needs.
  • A regularly updated resource library with my favourite free tools, websites, apps etc. for you to use during your journey.

No diets, counting numbers or any nutritional rules! We eat from a place of intuition, nurture and love for our bodies. I will show you exactly how to do this and how intuitive eating will be your road to food freedom with no more 'ups and downs'.

If you are wanting a quick fix and expect results overnight, this is not the place for you. We are implementing a sustainable lifestyle inside of the Sisterhood.

Yes when you sign up to the membership you will receive immediate access to all video trainings to date and all of the past Sisterhood coaching call replays.

Everyones journey will look different! This depends on the individual.

That's why I created this membership and community to support you for however long it takes!

When you finally find your freedom (I'm so excited for you!) and no longer need the sisterhoods support, simply cancel in a few easy clicks.

You can cancel in a few easy clicks. We also have a '30 Day Guarantee' where I guarantee your money back in the first 30 days so you can sign up and see if the Sisterhood is the right fit for you.

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Get instant access to to the Sisterhood that will finally set you free with your food and body!


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