Your Chatter Brain & Emotional Eating

How to stop listening to your CHATTER BRAIN!  Today I am teaching you why you can't listen to the little devil on your shoulder.

I am telling you why sometimes you may think you're a crazy food obsessed women when really it's your chatter brain. It's time to start listening to your logical brain and end the habit of emotional eating!



The voice in your head telling you to eat whenever you feel an emotion. For each individual the emotions will vary depending on past circumstances.


The real you that knows when you're hungry and when you aren't. Who also knows that eating when you're sad doesn't fix the issue.



Getting to know the Chatter Brain.

When you eat due to emotions you are usually listening to your chatter brain voice that is shaping your present situation based on past experiences.

Your mind is listing its fears, both real and imaginary.

Your mind is recalling painful events that have happened in the past.

Your mind is creating extreme "what-if" scenarios of the future that heighten your emotions.

For Example:

  • You feel frustrated that you aren't seeing results even though you've been going to the gym consistently. You begin eating left over easter eggs, you know it won't fix the problem but it makes you feel good right now. It's worked in the past when you felt frustrated so it will work now as well. You justify eating the chocolate with 'well I'm not seeing results anyway'.  You continue eating more and more because you start thinking 'what if I never see results?'. This stresses you out. You continue eating more to numb the stressed feeling you're now experiencing which only came about because you were creating made up scenarios in your head.


Freedom Tip for Quietening your Chatter Brain

  1. Understand that you chatter brain is not your logical brain. It's not the real YOU! Your train thought patterns are arising from past experiences.
  2. Talk to your chatter brain. YES! OUT LOUD! Your logical brain will laugh at your chatter brain and will reduce the intense feelings you're having that are going to cause you to binge.

Learning to talk to your chatter brain out loud is an important step to finally putting your logical brain back in charge of your thoughts and actions.


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