You eat when you are down, but you are down because you eat.

In this episode we are discussing the cycle of emotional eating that can seem never ending! This can be a repetitive cycle of not knowing how to begin addressing the issues so you never do. Does that sound familiar? Today I am giving you the exact steps you need to do to break this cycle.



We want to begin by addressing the overall theme of being down - those negative emotions that don't make us feel good.
  • We want to find the root cause of you feeling this way. Yes you are down because you eat but it's far deeper than that. You aren't only down because of this, you are down for much deeper reasons related to the issue.
  • You want to question what is the consistent theme of you feeling down e.g. is it you feel unhappy because of your struggle with emotional eating, do you feel hate toward your body, are you stressed that health feels like a chore, do you fear never having food freedom... What are the common themes that trigger you to feel down.
  • When we can identify the main reasons you're feeling down, we want to understand that these are your root causes and they are the key to breaking this repetitive cycle. If we address the root cause of what makes us down, we aren't going to use food as a coping mechanism because the issue has been solved.
We want to break the habit of reaching for food as a coping mechanism. We want to break this habit even if you solve the initial issue because it will ensure emotional eating is no longer a behaviour you struggle with in the future when other issues come up..
  • When we emotional eating, we are using food to cope with an emotion. In this scenario that emotion is causing us some type of pain and disempowerment. When these feelings arise in us, instead of you feeling them and addressing why they are there you are reaching for food to give you a quick fix of joy. Of course this joy is only short term and soon after turns into further feelings of disempowerment like guilt and frustration at yourself.
  • This becomes a habit and therefore it means we can break it. The first step to breaking this habit is to understand that all negative emotions are lessons and we want to feel them rather than ignore them. Feeling into them and listening to the lesson is going to guide us to more happiness e.g. I am feeling upset about the number on the scale and that's because I feel hate toward my body. Feeling these emotions is going to give you the lesson of 'I need to work on my self love', these feelings are pointing and screaming out at you to work on your self love which is your root problem causing you pain.



  • The next step has to follow step one otherwise it becomes replacing one coping mechanism with another. But the next step is finding alternate activities you can implement when you get the urge to emotional eat, these activities need to help shift your mood from negative to positive.
  • These activities need to be simple and things you can do in the moment with little effort like going outside in the sun or listening to music. So we are shifting from reaching for food as a coping mechanism to implementing a mood boost activity that will serve you in a positive way. 

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