Why You Should Let Go of Your Fat Clothes

In this episode we are diving into four big reasons as to why you should let go of your fat clothes. If you're holding onto clothes that are too big for you and you have been procrastinating donating them, I am going to tell you why you're having a hard time doing so and why I know that throwing them away is the best option for you.



1. You're holding onto them from a place of fear.

This fear will keep you focusing on the past. When we hold space for fear we are focusing our attention on the wrong areas of our journey, you're focused on going backwards. You haven't worked through this fear and that in itself can make you feel like you never reached true freedom! By focusing on the fear you're unconsciously giving yourself permission to put weight back on. You've done it in the past, lost weight and then gained it back, so just in case this happens again you better keep the clothes. Have you thought this before?


2. You don't trust yourself.

If you don't trust yourself then who is going to right? You have to have 100% trust in yourself so the actions you take are from an empowering place and not a 'questioning and hesitant' place. Listening to your gut, your body and your intuition are key during your health journey and not trusting yourself means these feelings can often be ignored. Now if your gut feeling is saying that you can't keep doing this long term and therefore may put the weight back on, that's a sign that you need to shift your actions! Don't keep doing something that feels like it isn't sustainable, being healthy should feel amazing and not like a chore.


3. These clothes should not be motivation.

Motivation to take inspired action comes from a place of love and nurturing for yourself. Your pile of fat clothes in your closet are not motivation from a loving place, they are coming from a place self hatred. These clothes will spark negative thoughts about the past you and even if that does motivate you, it will only be short term. Long term motivation to take action will only ever come from a loving place and these clothes are not it.


4. You're holding negative space for the old you which is stopping you from opening up to the new you.

You haven't accepted the past you yet, you haven't given yourself forgiveness for your past actions. This is extremely important so you don't dwell on your past self or mentally beat yourself up for your past actions. This is not a healthy or positive mindset. By offering your past self acceptance and forgiveness, you are opening up space for the endless possibilities the new you has!



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