My top 10 tips to live your best life in 2019

the health stylist Dec 20, 2018
In this episode on the podcast we are discussing my top 10 tips for you to live your best life in 2019. Every year we want to up-level and further improve our life, because we are in control right?! So if you're ready to progress with your health and live a fantastic life in 2019, this is the episode for you!

1. Raise your standards - implement non-negotiables for your health that raise your personal standards.
2. Make self care & happiness a priority.
3. Nurture your relationships - socialise, spend time with your loved ones, find a supportive community.
4. Release your judgements toward yourself and others.
5. Allow yourself to accept or seek help.
6. Become an action taker - don't let life control you, control your life.
7. Let social media and technology be tools in your life, not consume your life.
8. Have a theme for your year - have goals, plan your life, create a bucket list.
9. Go do the things you have been putting off or saying 'one day I'd like to do that'.
10. Shift your perspective from what we don't have to the endless possibilities. 

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