Mind & Body Post Pregnancy with Shannon Rose

In this episode we are going to be talking Mind & Body Post Pregnancy. To help me discuss this topic I am Joined by fun and energetic Shannon Rose who is a Powerhouse Wife, Mama & Entrepreneur! Shannon is a Holistic Body, Life & Business Coach for women who are ready to stop holding back in life!  She is passionate about all things health, wellness and female empowerment. Moving through a journey that was initially driven by body perfection and showing up as the woman she thought others wanted to see, Shannon's defining moment, through her into self development and getting 100% honest with her reflection.




1:00 - Shannon's Story

8:45 - Looking in the mirror is hard for a lot of women let alone a woman who is post pregnancy where her body has gone through so many big changes. Could you talk to us about how we can use the mirror as a tool to begin our healing processes with our mindset and our truths?

13:45 - A lot of mums struggle with feeling selfish when they take time to look after themselves and focus on self love and self acceptance, could you shine some light on why self care is just as important as exercise and food when it comes to our health journey.

19:35 - You talk about how there was a point in time where even comprehending the thought of your feminine energy was hard for you, how did you go about re-connecting with that side of you and what did that journey look like?

26:45 - Limiting beliefs are a huge part of our journey and ability to learn more about ourselves internally. What would you say are some of the biggest limiting beliefs that mums face and how would you suggest overcoming these.

32:10 - For the mums listening to this episode who want to begin looking after themselves today, what would be the number one thing you'd tell them to do to get started.


Connect with Shannon

Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2049210525332236/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/she_withshannon/

Website: https://www.shewithshannon.com/


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