Lessons I learned from my Failures

mindset Jan 15, 2019

In this episode we are diving into all of my past failures with running my own business, the lessons I learned and how this directly relates to your health journey. My goal is to show you each lesson I learned from each of my failures, to disconnect you from your health journey so you can see how this helped me in business, and finally how it all relates to your health journey!



Running a business is hard, even harder when you don't learn from your failures, however when I finally started listening to the lessons they were teaching me I began seeing progress and results!

  • I had to shift into this place of knowing that I’m an amazing coach.
  • I had to shift into this place of knowing that I can transform someones mind.
  • I had to shift into this place of understanding I was doing a disservice to women by not providing my services to help them.
  • I had to shift my energy from I am a failure... to this strategy didn’t work.


All of these lessons resulted in me successfully finding a strategy that I was aligned with and that worked for my in every single way. This is something that is vital for your health journey as well, like i said earlier I wanted to use my business failures as an example so you could disconnect from your own health journey and instead hear what I was saying. Now you can see exactly how learning from your failures can help you make better decisions moving forward, you can see that this is 100% relevant to your journey as well.

For example:

  • If dieting doesn’t work for you and you hate it, what is the lesson?
  • If you hate going to the gym and it doesn’t inspire you, what is the lesson?
  • If your main battle is your chatter voice inside of your head, what is the lesson here?


Once we learn the lesson…. We go and implement action that respects that lesson. This is when you will see results!

Actionable Step: Write down all of the strategies that haven't worked for you in the past and then follow through by writing down every lesson from each of these failures. This is going to guide you with your future strategies and action taking to make sure you are going in the right direction for you!



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