Kimberley Wenya | Manifestation & Shifting your Energy

In this episode I am chatting with the beautiful Kimberley Wenya, a manifestation and mindset coach who blends positivity, science, manifestation, spirituality and strategy all into the one. Kimberley is on a mission to help you uncover the amazing potential that you have within you. To show girls that you don’t (and shouldn’t!) have to settle, and that you co-create (with the universe!) what comes into their life. In this episode we are talking all things manifestation and shifting your energy to help you along your health and wellness journey.

2:50 - What does manifestation mean?
4:45 - You often say something 'is true for you when you believe it'... for someone new to manifesting could you explain what you mean by this?
6:15 - Does manifesting and spirituality require you to have a religion?
7:45 - For someone who has a past of following a big rulebook of things they can and can't do with the hope that will lead them to their goals, often leading to self sabotage because it's not enjoyable, how can we begin to release the expectation that things need to be perfect?
9:50 - How do we release our emotional attachment to the 'how' and instead follow what feels aligned and makes us feel good?
12:00 - If any of the beautiful women listening to this podcast feel stuck in a negative and low vibe energy state, how can they begin shifting into a positive and high vibe energy?
16:45 - Boundaries to up-level and care for your energy.
21:25 - We have the choice to allow something to be easy or hard and in your words we're often chasing instead of attracting, how do we shift our mindset to be in control of this?
21:15 - The phrase "I can't"... How can these words & ultimately beliefs affect us from achieving our goals?
26:15 - How do affirmations work and could you explain to us how affirmations help shift our mindset and beliefs?
28:30 - Why is visualisation such a powerful practice?

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