Intuitive Eating for Beginners

food the health stylist Mar 06, 2019
Today we are talking about Intuitive Eating for beginners. We're focusing on what we need to let go of and what we need to shift our focus too. Beginning to understand the primary focuses of intuitive eating & learning further about why listening to our body is so important.

Ditch the black and white approach
It's common for us to see food as good and bad but this has all been programmed into our mind by marketing etc. When we were a child we seen all food as neutral and that's where we want to get back to as an adult. Understanding that different foods serve different areas of our health, such as physical and emotional, this helps us begin to understand that we can't label food as good or bad.
Releasing Food Guilt
You've trained your brain to feel guilty after eating foods you consider to be bad or off limits. Our goal is to disconnect from your chatter brain, that little voice inside of your head which is screaming that you should feel guilty for eating certain foods. Your chatter brain has been shaped from your past experiences and fears. We want to learn how to focus on enjoying food, letting food satisfy you, nourish you and focus on how you are feeling vs. listening to what your chatter brain is saying is right and wrong.
Understanding Intuitive Eating
When we are beginning intuitive eating, we must first understand what it truly means and what the core principles are for you to focus on.
  • There's no on or off track
  • Learn to eat mindfully
  • Practice having an abundance mindset around food
  • Understanding your body is different to others
Tuning into your body
After years of yo-yo dieting you may feel like you are disconnected from your body, in-particular your hunger and fullness signals. A big part of intuitive eating is listening to your body and that can be confusing for someone who doesn't know how to do that. Learning to tune into your body is going to come from so many different physical signals and your mood and emotions. You can learn more about this here where I speak specifically about listening to your body.


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