If then... I'll be happy!

In this episode we are talking all about the mindset patterns holding you back from being happy right now. If you're someone who is waiting to reach a goal to be happy, maybe a goal weight or dream body, then this is definitely the right episode for you. I'm going to be breaking through these blocks with you and giving you 5 actionable steps that you can implement right now in order to be your happiest self!



The mindset of 'If then, I'll be happy' is toxic because it makes you think that happiness can only come as a reward for doing something else. However when you reach a goal you thought would make you happy, you realise something else is now standing in your way of happiness. You are constantly setting the bar higher and higher for you to feel happy.
Happiness is an emotion and you don't have to be waiting to achieve a goal to feel it, in fact you can feel it with a simple thought. Below I am outlining five actionable steps you can take in order to begin healing this disempowering mindset.
1. Happiness is an emotion - You want to realise, deep down, that happiness is an emotion and therefore is never going to be something you have to wait for. You have to learn how to turn on these feelings and how to shift your negative thought patterns into empowering ones so you can begin feeling happiness on a regular basis.
2. Practice happiness and purposefully doing things that bring you joy - You want to be doing activities on a daily and weekly basis that encourages you to feel happiness and joy. Don't go through life do the bare minimum things you need to like work, eat and sleep. Purposefully seek these feelings of happiness and do activities that will bring joy into your life.
3. Start shifting your mindset from one of 'deprivation' to one of being 'abundance' - You want to shift out of being the victim who is deprived of everything and instead step into the woman who is abundant with love and resources. This powerful perspective shift goes a long way from you thinking you have to wait to be happy because you are so 'deprived' right now.
4. Stop comparing your life to other peoples lives - Comparison invites you to feel as though you don't deserve happiness because you haven't achieved certain things yet. You will then follow that with mentally listing all of the factors that have held you back and that gives you 'permission' to be a failure and victim. No! Comparison does not serve us positively and therefore we need to stop.
5. It's ok not to be happy all of the time - Happiness is an emotion, we are in control of it but just like any other emotion it doesn't stick around 24/7. You will still feel sad and upset etc. throughout your life and that is ok. These feelings will come from many external factors like losing a loved one, it's normal to not be happy when this happens, it's human. However you want to ensure that when you aren't happy it's because of reasons you're ok with and not for stories or beliefs you're telling yourself that are standing in your way.


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