How to STOP Peeing Your Pants - The Pelvic Floor Facts you need to know!

the health stylist Dec 12, 2018

In todays episode we are talking all about the pelvic floor with Vanessa who is  known as @corestrengthmomma on Instagram. Vanessa is a pelvic floor physiotherapist and post natal fitness expert who is on a mission to show mums how to stop peeing their pants. We are covering everything you need to know about your pelvic floor and outlining all of the grey areas that we really don't know much about.



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0:25 - How did you arrive at being an expert in pelvic floor?

2:20 - What is the pelvic floor?

3:45 - Why should all women focus on and understand their pelvic floor?

6:55 - What are the most common symptoms that women should look out for if they have a pelvic floor dysfunction?

8:30 - How common is it for someone who hasn't gone through pregnancy to have a pelvic floor dysfunction?

11:45 - A run through of pre-conception, pregnancy and post-pregnancy and how our focuses should differ during each stage.

15:11 - If you're experiencing symptoms like leaking during exercise after pregnancy, should you continue doing those exercises?

18:30 - Mind and muscle connection is important for any exercise we’re doing so how do we know we’re correctly feeling our pelvic floor and are their any cues you can give our listeners to help them locate what they should be feeling?

20:25 - What is a kegel?

21:35 - Do the Kegel balls (or similar products) actually work and are they necessary or are there better options?

24:35 - Should we really be trying to stop our pee/urine mid-stream?

26:20 - Will some ladies have to have internal work done?

28:00 - What’s your advice for the women who struggle with the idea of internal work, it’s too invasive and she is most likely never going to make an appointment?

29:40 - How will a woman know if their pelvic floor is tight and needs to be looked at, especially in regard to having pain during sex and only being sexually active for a short amount of time.

32:30 - If you're going to see someone due to having symptoms, are you going straight to a pelvic floor physiotherapist or to the doctor first? (will differ per country)

33:45 - The pelvic floor is actually a part of the entire core area, so could you explain what the core really is vs. what we typically know it as?

36:05 - Could you tell us if crunches and other common 'core' exercises are something we should actually be doing straight after pregnancy. 

37:40 - How would you suggest we go about making pelvic floor work fit into our daily routine?

41:25 - What’s the number one thing you want my listeners to take away from this episode?


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