How To Stop Eating Clean | Breaking Your Restrictive Eating

food the health stylist Feb 21, 2019
In this episode we are diving into breaking the food restriction rules you have and into creating a food abundance mindset. If you want to begin intuitive eating and listening to your body, you want to break free of your food rules and seeing everything as 'good' or 'bad'. Today I'm going to be giving you step by step how to begin this process.

For a long time you may have had the goal of eating only clean foods that you consider to be healthy in regards to nutritional value. The longer you do this for the harder it becomes for you to allow yourself to eat foods outside of your 'clean food rules'. With the exceptions of binge or emotional eating where you most likely over indulge on the foods you consider 'bad'. This in itself also creates an unhealthy relationship with fun foods that aren't necessarily nutritionally healthy because they are only related to negative experiences such as binge or emotional eating.
So if you have the goal to intuitive eat and allow all foods back into your life but you've been eating clean for a long time, I want to go over some great starting points for you to stop being deprived on food and instead being abundant in all food.
We want to start with why you're scared to begin eating foods you've been restricting for so long:
  • It's the unknown.
  • You've programmed your brain to see some foods as 'bad'. With the word 'bad' we associate that we should stay away from them.
  • You're scared to undo your progress and fear weight gain. You haven't yet proven to yourself that you can eat these foods and be healthy because the old you definitely couldn't.
  • Deep down you know eating all foods would be absolutely amazing BUT you don't 100% believe that it is possible for you because of your history with eating behaviours such as binge eating, emotional eating and so on.
Step One
Addressing your mindset, we want to create an abundant mindset with food!
  1. Journal what your fears are around beginning to eat foods you've restricted for so long.
  2. Challenge the truth of these fears.
  3. Acknowledge and thank these fears for protecting you from experiencing past pains again, but understanding that this is different because you're going to be listening to your body vs. binge eating on all the foods whenever you get the chance.
  4. Find examples of people, like me, who are living the lifestyle you want to live with their food choices and keep them top of mind as proof it is possible.
Step Two
Begin eating some of the foods you've been restricting for so long, step by step.
  • Start slow and with the foods that feel the easiest. Ones that don't make you feel so overwhelmed that you get anxious and panicked even thinking about it. For example eating something like rice over donuts is going to be a good starting point.
  • Don't push yourself to be perfect overnight and being able to eat all of your fear foods at once, this is a process. When you began restricting food in the past you would have done it gradually right, so we want to do the same thing with implementing them back in.
  • Eat an amount that makes you feel good and continue practicing. A good starting point could be introducing one food back into your eating per week.
Step Three
Always focus on feeling food.
  • In most cases our body is not rejecting these foods you've restricted, your mind is. Learning to listen to your body and feel what foods make you feel amazing physically and what foods make you feel good emotionally (aka. not deprived) is going to be crucial.
  • Your thoughts are going to try and sabotage this process initially because they're so used to telling you 'you shouldn't eat that', 'that's high in carbs', 'this is bad for you'... This is your chatter brain which is simply programmed from past experiences, you have to learn to disconnect from these thoughts and instead begin tuning into your body to feel and listen.

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