How to STOP BINGE & EMOTIONAL Eating | When you have the urge!

How to Stop Binge Eating when you have the URGE!!

Today I am giving you a simple but extremely effective way of stopping your binge when you’re about to begin. If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating or over eating than this video is for you!



Learn to check in with yourself every single time you eat. I know it may sound excessive but how else will you begin to learn if you are eating for hunger reasons or other reasons? The more you begin to heal the less this will feel like a chore, I promise!

  1. Take a second to breathe.
  2. Review how you are feeling.
  3. Ask yourself are you wanting to eat for hunger or to numb a negative feeling?


 If you are wanting to eat due to an EMOTION:

  • You want to create a state change within your body to take you from feeling negative to positive.
  • To do this, find something that makes you feel happy within seconds. It must not be a distraction but a true mental state change. Usually actions like dancing, jumping or listening to music can help quickly.
  • Do this immediately rather than giving into the food (remember habits are hard to change, there will probably be resistance).


If you are wanting to do this due to INTENSE HUNGER:

  • Intense hunger may be a sign you aren't eating enough for your body and/or the activities you are doing during the day.
  • You may want to re-evaluate your approach to health if this happens often as under eating is not healthy.



Now you know what is causing you to want to eat because you have checked in with your body, you need to address the ultimate issue at hand for the long term.

  1. When you are no longer on the verge of binge eating, review the feeling that was going to cause you this binge. For examples was it intense hunger from deprivation or was it sadness due to feeling lonely?
  2. You need to take action to finding a solution for this problem. It may be something you can solve quickly or it may take time but putting it off will only lead to further bingeing in the future.



Let's review:

  1. Check in with your mind and body before eating.
  2. Learn to become self aware of why you are eating.
  3. Address the ultimate issue at hand causing you to binge.



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