How to Quit Dieting | The fastest way to lose weight

food mindset Jul 26, 2018

In today’s video I am going over the steps you can take to quit dieting once and for all. If you're a constant yo-yo dieter and you don't know how to stop, this is the video for you! I was always so focused on losing weight during my journey, however it was holding me back from being successful and seeing sustainable progress!



Mindset Focuses

Health comes before appearance - Your body on the outside shows what's happening on the inside. In order to achieve a healthy looking body than of course we need to focus on being healthy on the inside!

Have time & patience - No more all or nothing quick fixes. We know that they don't work long term so it's time to shift our mindset to one of being patient and doing healthy habits long term rather than something extreme for a few days.

There's no good or bad foods - We want to see all foods a neutral like we did when we were a child. When we do this it's easier to focus on listening to our body rather than our mind. Our body will want food that nourishes our energy most of the time which is great! However we will also want foods that nurture our emotional and mental health as well and seeing foods as neutral is going to help us kick the guilt and focus on our needs.

Focus on how you feel - Listen to your body and focus on how different foods make you feel. Food is not only fuel, it can be emotional too. I coach my clients using the terms whole foods and soul foods.


Physical Focuses

Eat for satisfaction - When you're eating food make sure you are eating to be satisfied. This means when you finish your meal or snack you feel good and not unsatisfied which will lead to you eating more food to seek that satisfaction.

Don't eat while you're distracted - Eat your meals with minimum devices so you can actually focus on eating! Distractions cause us to get to the end of a meal and then we can't even remember eating it, this again is going to lead to you feeling unsatisfied and reaching for more food.

Hunger and fullness - Listening to your body means feeling your hunger and fullness signals. This may be hard if you have dieted for years and aren't in tune with your body but trust me these signals will come back with time.

Focus on ingredients vs. numbers - Calories are definitely not everything and in fact the ingredient list is more beneficial to look at in regard to your health. Low calories doesn't mean something is healthy and many times can be made of ingredients you've never heard of. Focus on reading the ingredient list first and foremost!


Freedom Focus

When you make the commitment to quit dieting you have to look at ALL areas of your life. Dieting teaches you to only look at your food choices however if you only focus on your food when you are trying to quit dieting you will find yourself feeling lost and frustrated because you are ignoring all of the other areas of your life which are vital for success.



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