How to Make a VISION BOARD & Use it Correctly

mindset Jan 02, 2019

Let's make a vision board that truly inspires you and aligns with your goals, dreams and desires. Most importantly I am going to show you how to use it daily and weekly so you can begin bridging the gap between your goals and them becoming your reality.



Why they work:

  • Law of attraction - you begin looking for opportunities to make your goals come to life when they are top of mind for you.
  • Acting as if - we won't get to our goals being the same person or doing the same things we are right now, acting as if will bring you closer toward your goals and your vision board will ensure your goals are top of mind.  
  • Visual reminders - stop your dreams being pushed to the back of your mind while you're watching Netflix, a vision board creates visual reminders so you can't forget your goals or why it's important you work toward them.


Choose the type of vision board that works for you:

  1. Physical - you use a type of board and pin photos in a collage format on them.
  2. Digital - the exact same concept but instead you are creating them on your computer so you can have them as your desktop or phone background.


What to put on your vision board:

  • Photos that provoke emotions and remind you of your WHY.
  • Words that resonate with where you're going.
  • Freestyle what feels right for you, what will inspire you personally.
  • Be flexible and change it as you need to. Your vision board is a skeleton of your goals, as you grow these will shift over time so don't be afraid to change photos that don't align with you anymore.


Where to find attractive photos:


How to use your vision board daily:

  • You use what you you can see - your vision board has to be accessible to your daily life and not pushed to the back of your room or lost in your computer files.
  • Have it present while you journal - a journal prompt that you can use "Am I taking daily actions that are aligned with my vision board?"
  • Use visualisation for instant mood shifts - when you're feeling negative emotions, using visualisation for an instant mood shift is an amazing practice and your vision board shows you exactly what positive thoughts to focus on.
  • Have it present when setting your monthly intentions and make sure your goals are aligning with where you want to go.
  • Make your vision board your theme - allow the emotions that your vision board provokes to flow throughout other areas of your life.



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