How to FEEL EMOTIONS | Emotional and Binge Eating

In this video I am giving you three steps you can implement to begin feeling the emotions that you are hiding away from. These emotions are the ones that are causing you to binge eat and emotional eat. I also give you a task to do at the end of the video so you can begin learning from your emotions rather than being scared of them.


1. Observe Your Emotions - Don't Identify

You want to observe when you are feeling emotions but you don't need to identify as those emotions. For example if you're feeling sad and it's giving you the urge to binge, I want you to observe that you are feeling that way. If you instead identify as being a sad person who is a binge eater you will follow through with those actions. By allowing yourself to observe the emotion you have a higher chance of questioning why you are feeling this way and how you can overcome that feeling rather than reaching for food to numb it.


2. Use Breath & Movement to Feel

It's hard to think about our emotions, in fact we don't really think emotions at all, instead we feel them in our body. Using breath and movement allows us to connect our mind and body so we can genuinely feel our emotions. If we are always stuck in our minds we can find it hard to feel our emotions because we are keeping ourselves busy with thoughts rather than feeling our emotions.


3. Your Perception of Emotions

We want to shift your perception from seeing negative emotions as 'bad'. Emotions like sadness, anger, frustration, stress etc. should not be perceived as bad. We will never only feel positive emotions and therefore we can't try to avoid the negative ones. Instead we want your perception of emotions to shift into one where you see emotions as a learning tool. Feeling negative emotions will allow you to analyse why you are feeling this way and help you understand what you can change in your life to help you shift this.


If you do struggle with emotional eating and over eating, it's super important to learn how to eat mindfully. I hosted a mindful eating workshop and you can watch the replay below xx

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