How I Got My Period Back | When I lost it from stress

self care Oct 18, 2018

In this video I am taking you through the four things I did to get back period back when I had lost it due to excessive stress. At this point in time I was healthy mentally and physically so I had to make some small tweaks to my daily lifestyle to bring my period back. Once I made these tweaks my period returned with a 4-6 week period. I returned to eating as per usual (which wasn't that different anyway) and training normally after my period had returned!

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Below are the four areas I focused on tweaking to bring my period back.


I already focus on weekly de-stress practices so at this point in time I increased the amount of time I spent doing meditation, yoga, walking etc. If anything was stressing me in my life it had to be sorted out so I didn't have anything to worry about while my body was trying to heal.


Light Exercise

I wasn't over training but to give my body to best chance for my period to return I stopped doing any higher intensity training and instead focused on light movement. This included activities like walking and yoga. I also rested a lot more than normal doing only 2 workouts per week.


Eating less Inflammatory Food

Inflammation is normal for the body to a certain extent however decreasing inflammation at this point in time allowed my body to be in a less internally stressed state which was the ultimate goal to bring my period back. I focused specifically on coffee, wheat and dairy. I didn't cut them out of my eating but rather reduced them. These foods are not 'bad' as I don't believe in labelling food but decreasing the amount I ate allowed my body to heal faster. I returned to eating as per normal once my period returned.


Eating more Ant-Inflammatory Food

Of course the opposite of that is eating more anti-inflammatory food. There were no specific foods I ate, I simply focused on eating more of them every single day and to ensure I was feeding my body a lot of antioxidants. 


If you're someone who is under eating and over training than these smaller tweaks won't be as beneficial for you like I mentioned in the video. I lost my period as a young teenager because I wasn't healthy and was starving my body, in this case I needed to eat more food!

However this time I lost my period from stress and while I was healthy, these tweaks allowed me to bring it back faster than if I had of carried on ignoring it had gone.


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