Holistic Health & Listening to Your Body with Grace Leon

In this episode on The Health Stylist podcast we are going to be talking about Holistic Health & Listening to your body. To talk about this topic I am joined by Grace Leon who is a health and wellness coach striving to help others live a healthier lifestyle from the inside out.



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0:30 - Grace's Health Journey

8:40 - After you competed did you struggle with any type of food issues during the transition of a competitive lifestyle into on of a more holistic approach?

10:35 - Was it a hard process to transition from strict macro counting and exercise programs into a more intuitive lifestyle? 

12:05 - Do you want to tell us what a holistic lifestyle means to you and what it looks like in your daily life?

13:40 - Do you want to tell us how you use meditation and yoga to help improve your health and what kind of an impact is it making on your life?

16:50 - Listening to your body is one of the first steps you need to take in order to live a more intuitive lifestyle. Could you tell us more about what listening to your body actually means and your experience with learning how to do that?

21:25 - If someone in my audience right now is having a hard time listening to their body and struggling with food addiction, what would be the first thing you'd tell them to do in order to begin their intuitive health journey?

27:05 - If you don't have your hormones in balance then even food and exercise isn't going to give you the progress you're seeking. I want you to tell my audience a little bit about how hormonal health can affect your overall wellbeing and day to day life. 

34:40 - How much did social media contribute to you wanting to compete?

41:20 - Is there anything else you'd like to tell my audience about listening to your body and intuition?


Show Notes:

"My name is Grace, I am a health & wellness coach. I love anything fitness related & I’m also a huge foodie. I love to help people find their happiness & power through their fitness. I help people to learn to fall in love with themselves mind, body & soul. After competing for 3 years straight I had a realisation that I am more than my physical body. Fitness is more than just looking good on the outside, it is about feeling good  on both the inside & outside. I strive to help others live a healthier lifestyle from the inside out."

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