Gaining 60kg in 12 months from Binge Eating Disorder | Eloise Pascal

In todays episode we are going to be talking about binge eating disorder and living a healthy lifestyle. To help me talk about this topic I am joined by the amazing Eloise Pascal. In 2016, in less than 12 months Ella had gained 60kgs from binge eating while also struggling with depression. She went from being 70kgs to 135kgs which for many people would have eliminated their spirit all together, however Ella not only made the choice to turn her life around but she took the required action as well. She now advocates for a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t restrict food, she caters to both her physical and emotional needs, all while also losing weight in the process.


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0:46 - Ellas story with binge eating.

10:13 - Did your urges to binge eat get stronger from restricting food and yo-yo dieting?

12:12 - You also suffered a dislocated knee, fractured foot and back injury along the way. How did you manage not to let any of these obstacles stop you?

17:24 - How big of an impact has community and having supportive people in your life helped you through your journey?

22:36 - You said “It’s better to be 90% consistent 100% of the time than 100% consistent for a few weeks before you binge and quit!” I’d love for you to share what this looks like for you personally in your life and how this approach to health is going to result in long term results as oppose to the typical yo-yo dieting approach.

28:21 - How big of a role did acceptance have that the weight wasn’t going to come off quickly play in your ability to move forward in beginning your health journey?

32:45 - I know stretch marks, cellulite and loose skin are all parts of a womens body that many of us are so quickly to name as a flaw, how did you not let this hold you back from finding love for yourself and learning to respect your body?

38:40 - How has practicing these types of mental shifts, such as switching from negative self talk to positive, made a difference to your journey and could you give us an example of some of the practices you used?

44:33 - Using social media to support you rather than letting it make you feel negative about you and your body.

48:18 - Questioning ourselves can be scary but it is vital to begin making positive progress, something Ella does a lot throughout her journey.

50:46 - For my audience who are listening to this episode and are struggling with binge eating disorder, what final words of advice would you like to give them?


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