Eating Disorders & Mental Health with Zoe Speirs

In todays episode we are going to be talking about Eating Disorders & Mental Health. To help me talk about this topic I am joined by the incredible Zoe Speirs. Zoe has struggled with an array of mental health issues, including eating disorders and is now an advocate for the body positive movement which has helped her during her recovery journey. Her passion is to spread awareness and be the voice that the 15 year old Zoe needed. 


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0:32 - Zoe's story with eating disorders and mental health.

2:05 - Could you give us some insight into the period of time where you were hospitalised?

4:20 - What’s your advice to the women listening who may not even realise that their eating habits aren’t healthy but due to their body not fitting the idea of what an eating disorder should look like they aren’t being challenged to make any changes at this point in time?

7:15 - How much of an impact did social media have during your journey?

9:33 - For someone who has had an eating disorder, what are your thoughts around the idea of 'ditch the diet mentality' but some people who are saying this are still preaching to count calories / macros?

14:30 - Do you sometimes still struggle to see a plate of food as simply a plate of food rather than the calories etc.?

15:57 - Is exercising as a punishment for eating food something you used to do in the past?

17:19 - How did you deal with your weight gain and what’s your advice for the ladies listening who are currently facing this fear?

22:04 - Could you tell us the difference between what you used to see in the mirror compared to what you see now?

26:19 - Health at every size.

27:38 - Did you lose your cycle during your journey?

29:25 - Could you tell us a little bit about your struggles with acne and also trying not to let it control your life.

33:08 - Could you tell us why this is such a passion of yours and how you hope this message will help people?

35:24 - Could you tell us about how depression effects you and what it feels like for you personally?

30:08 - For my audience who haven't struggled with any mental health issues and aren't aware of what it feels like, what's your advice for how these people can help others and what would have helped you during your journey?

43:32 - For the wonderful women in my audience who are struggling with mental health issues, what would you like to say to them that you wish you were told during your journey?


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