Dieting & Binge Eating Connection | How to Quit Dieting Part 2

In part 2 of how to quit dieting we are talking about the connection between dieting and binge eating. There's a lot of things we do when we diet that contributes toward binge eating and emotional eating behaviours.

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Dieting refers to:

  • Restricting types of food
  • Restricting amounts of food


The connection between Dieting and Binge Eating

Dieting doesn't only include keto, skinny teas or weight watchers etc. You can be under eating and creating your own food rules which is the same as dieting but without the fancy labels.

These behaviours and judgements of food where we fear them leads to the all of nothing mentality. When we break our food rules we feel guilty and have the 'last supper' mentality causing binge eating behaviours.

Freedom Focuses


1. Ditch the Diet Mentality

  • Challenge why you believe diets work even though they have only ever failed you.
  • Question if dieting causes these binge eating behaviours, why would you want to keep that in your life?

2. Learn how to Intuitive Eat

  • Simply eating without rules and restrictions on ANYTHING.
  • Using your intuition to guide your eating habits. 
  • Honouring and trusting the signals your body is giving you.

3. Practice Body Positivity & Self Love

  • Challenge your perception of 'health' and practice health at all shapes and sizes.
  • Release your goal of weight loss and focus instead on true health.
  • Understand that self hatred will never motivate you. If you don't love yourself you won't care for your body enough to heal your binge eating behaviours and focus on your health first and foremost.


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