Dealing with Negative Emotions

In today’s video I am going over exactly how to deal with your negative emotions and why it’s important for success during your health journey. If you struggle with emotional eating, binge eating and over eating than this video is super important for you to watch. 



Ask Yourself - What is one emotion that is causing you a lot of strain at the moment?

For example are you experiencing a lot of frustration due to work and that's causing you to emotional eat?

Why - Question why is this emotion causing you strain?

For example ask yourself why are you feeling this frustration toward your work?

What - What can you do to eliminate or reduce this strain from your life?

For example question what you can do to eliminate or reduce this frustration that your work is causing you.

How - Moving forward how are you going to bring more happiness into your life?

For example think about activities you can implement into your life outside of work to bring more positivity into your life.


Freedom Tip

Negative emotions are not something to be afraid of. They aren't something you need to numb or avoid. They are telling you something in your life needs shifting or changing.

Acknowledging and accepting your negative emotions will lead you down a path of more happiness and joy in your life.



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