Cheat Day Mindset Feeding into the Dieting Cycle

food the health stylist Jan 23, 2019

In this episode we are having a chatty conversation about how cheat days and cheat meals are feeding into the dieting cycle of restrictive eating. If you're someone who has obsessive food thoughts and disordered eating behaviours yet you are using cheat days/meals than this episode is definitely for you.



Mindset Shift:

When we cheat...
We are saying we did something wrong...
This makes us feel guilty...
This mindset is keeping you inside of the emotional eating cycle and you won't ever break it while you are still having cheat days and cheat meals. It's time to shift your eating habits into a place of listening to your body and following your intuition. This will allow you to cater for your physical, mental and emotional health which are all vital for lifetime freedom.


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