Binge Eating VS. Emotional Eating | What's the Difference?

I talk about binge and emotional eating in the same sentence sometimes but that's because I know what context I'm referring too. In this workshop I am outlining the differences between binge eating and emotional eating so you can identify what you are struggling with and know what action to take in order to begin your healing process.





This usually happens due to two very specific reasons:

  1. A physical reaction to being deprived and restriction of food.
  2. Caused by an initial trauma and now it has become a habit and coping mechanism when that same feeling arises.

Common signs include feeling that 'URGE' to binge (you'll know what I'm talking about if you've binged before). During the binge you mentally go to a different place and are in a state of 'unawareness' when you are eating. You'll usually feel as though you've woken up from a bad nightmare when you stop the binge and may cry due to feeling guilty.


Eating due to an emotion and you are aware that you are over eating but it isn't an uncontrollable binge.

Common signs include being aware which is the oppose of feeling unaware during a binge. You may or may not know that you are eating due to an emotion (like boredom or sadness) but you aren't eating due to hunger.

FREEDOM FOCUS for Binge Eating:

You want to understand the root cause of why you are bingeing. You never binge because you love food but rather an underlying cause whether that be food restriction or emotional reasons. Once you can understand this, you can address the ultimate cause and begin your journey to freedom.

I have an entire video about 'How to Stop Binge Eating' that will help you begin understanding these reasons on a deeper level.

FREEDOM FOCUS for Emotional Eating:

I want you to know firstly that emotional eating is normal! Sometimes we will over eat when we are at a party simply because we're having a great time. When it becomes a problem is if you're doing it daily and it is negatively impacting your life and health. This can be healed by again addressing the ultimate issue of your emotions plus also re-programming your habit to reach for food as comfort.

I also have a video about 'Dealing with your Negative Emotions' that would be beneficial if you find your struggling with emotional eating.


Come jive with my beautiful community xx


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