Are You Addicted to Fitness Information?

the health stylist Feb 18, 2019

You're addicted to learning more and more about the specifics of everything health and fitness. Does this sound like you? In this episode we are discussing why this obsession can stop you from living your life and enjoying all of the amazing results you've had.



The most useful and helpful information you will ever need is what works for YOU. Even if you are or were a health coach, the best thing you can do is to know YOUR client and their needs, not knowing everything in the industry.
Spending time:
  • Finding the latest information regarding nutrition specifics in superfoods.
  • Calculating macros and calories and thinking you need to know everything about the topics.
  • Thinking you need to know every micronutrient in an orange or an avocado.
These things do not help YOU personally. Knowing all of this is great but spending all of your time researching and learning about health and fitness specifics that aren't really relevant to yourself is taking you away from living life. We embarked on this journey to live a better and fun life right? So are you doing that girl...
Spending your time researching health and fitness specifics should be replaced with:
  • Doing hobbies or finding a hobby.
  • Learning new things like a language, playing an instrument, painting, woodwork etc.
  • Spending time with your loved ones and developing deeper relationships.
  • Going hiking, rock climbing and using your new healthy body.
We want to understand the difference between information we NEED to know vs. being addicted to learning more and more and more about health and fitness because you are so used to learning about it that you don't know what to do with your spare time when you reach your goals.
It's time to live your life gorgeous!


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