7 Reasons Your Diet is NOT Working for You

In todays episode we are discussing 7 reasons your diet is not working for you. If you’ve been in the yo-yo dieting world for a while now and your diets aren’t giving you the freedom that you originally thought they would, today I am going to tell you why that is. Dieting appears to only be about the food but the mental and emotional side effects that develop as a side effect are where the real struggles are. You may be thinking that these struggles are your own fault because you have no self control and you’re a failure, but I promise you that is not the case, your dieting and restriction is a direct cause for many of the mental battles you are facing.



You have food obsession - Thoughts around food take up all of the real estate in your mind and you struggle to be thinking of anything else. Alongside of this develops side effects of emotional eating or binge eating habits that only strengthen your obsessive food thoughts. Dieting is centred around restricting foods or food groups and these restrictions cause you to be triggered whenever you are around them.

You always feel exhausted - You aren't eating enough to nourish or nurture your body, you have no idea of how much you should be eating because every diet you've tried in the past has different rules and restrictions. In return you now feel exhausted daily and barely have enough energy to go to work let alone go and exercise when you get home.

You get trapped in the guilt cycle - When you restrict foods, sooner or later you will eat them but you've been telling yourself for so long that it's a 'bad' thing that when you do eat these foods you become flooded with guilt. This guilt causes you to become emotional and can lead to further eating behaviours like emotional and binge eating.

You’re prone to self punishment - If you eat 'bad' foods you punish yourself with excessive exercise. If you ate too much the day before you mentally torture yourself with thoughts of being unworthy and a failure. These feelings create a negative mindset and that will only follow with negative actions. If we want to progress toward our goals we have to do it from a place of self love and abundance, doing it from a place of self hate will only end in self sabotage. 

You socially isolate yourself - You don't feel confident in your body and you're scared to be around food incase you eat it all and it triggers behaviours you're afraid of, this results in you socially isolating yourself. Dieting doesn't teach you how to deal with these scenarios and in fact it sets you up to fail at them mentally because everything that happens at an event outside of your home goes against dieting rules. Not going out to events is stopping you from living! When we look at why our emotional or binge eating behaviours occur, a lot of the time they are enhanced or caused by not feeling fulfilled in other areas of your life because dieting only focuses on your physical health and ignores your mental and emotional health.

You have no interests outside of changing your body - You have no hobbies or activities that you do on a daily or weekly basis, this means you dedicate all of your energy to working out or thinking about food and your body. This creates a negative relationship with food because it is depriving you of living and feeling alive, when this happens we end up having a lot of resistance toward doing anything for our health because deep down it's holding you back.

Even though you may have lost weight, you still aren’t happy with your body - No matter how your body shifts or changes, you are never satisfied let alone happy! You never feel confident or as though you're making progress (even if you are). The thing is, dieting is only food focused and weight focused, it doesn't teach you how to love your body and you're expecting that to happen when you lose weight. No matter how much weight you lose, that doesn't guarantee you will love or accept your body. In order to unconditionally love yourself you have to do the inner work to make those mindset shifts happen.


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