6 Signs You're Not Eating Enough

food Nov 07, 2018

In this video I am discussing the top 6 signs you may be experiencing if you aren't eating enough. When we're deep in the yo-yo dieting cycle it can be hard to recognise that we aren't eating enough food for our bodies to be healthy because we're so focused on losing weight.


When our bodies aren't receiving enough food and nutrients our health can start to go downhill. Your body begins putting the health and functioning of your organs first and foremost, this means the other parts of your body that aren't crucial for survival will take the back seat. Below I have outlined six of the areas of your body that will begin to suffer from under eating.

1. Fatigue - Feeling tired more often than you feel energised. Most days you feel like you could stay in bed all day.

2. Feeling Cold - Feeling like you're cold all of the time and need to be wearing a jumper even when others say it's warm. Physically your hands and feet can feel cold to touch as well.

3. Hair Loss - Your hair may be thinning and you're losing more than normal.

4. Getting Sick Often - You're that person who is always sick and you feel like you can never catch a break.

5. Lack of Period - Your period has gone from being regular to now coming randomly or not coming at all.

6. Mood Swings - Your emotions are all of the place and those around you are possibly noticing even more than you are. 


Freedom Focus 

  • Re-evaluate your beliefs around what health means.
  • Re-evaluate your beliefs around what health looks like.
  • Re-evaluate your goals for seeking weightloss.

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