5 Unique Goal Setting Tips | Making Goals become your Reality

mindset Jan 08, 2019

Today we are discussing 5 unique goal setting tips that made me transition from a 'non-believer' to falling in love with setting goals once I knew what really worked. I highly recommend setting goals if you have big health or lifestyle goals that you want to achieve and you don't know how to make them become your reality, goal setting will help bridge this gap for you.



1. Focus on the emotions that you want to feel.

Focus on the emotions you want to feel when you reach your goal and then assess if the path you're planning to take is the best option. We never set out wanting to lose weight and that's the 'true' goal, in fact you're seeking to feel confident, sexy, energetic and empowered. These feelings are what you want to focus on in order to make sure the actions you're taking are aligned with these goal feelings as oppose to simply 'weightloss' because weightloss itself does not result in these feelings without the mindset work.


2.  Break down every single one of your goals.

Break down every single goal into small and practical steps. You have to break them down so far that you have no choice but to succeed because you've already thought of every obstacle that might come up. You will then have actionable steps to do daily or weekly so you don't have to waste mental energy in the moment, which as we know usually stops us from taking action, instead you've already worked all of this out.


3. Strategise how you're going to follow through.

Are you going to ensure you follow through by doing monthly reviews, monthly intentions, weekly schedules and daily to-do's. What are you going to implement in order to guarantee you follow through with taking action after you set your goals.


4. Outline what you have to leave behind you in order to progress forward.

What mindset blocks are getting in your way right now and what do you personally need to do to work through these. Our negative and self sabotaging thoughts won't go away if we don't first identify them and then do the mindset work to break through these thoughts so they don't stop us succeeding in the future.


5. Set up a support system.

This can be a local group, Facebook group, a membership like the Sisterhood or a 1:1 coach. You want to find a community or coach that aligns with where you want to go and you know is going to support you throughout the journey to ensure your goals become your reality.


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