5 Mistakes People Make with Healthy Eating

food Jun 25, 2018

I know that you know how to eat healthy for the most part! Almost everyone can tell me that if they eat more vegetables they would be better off, deep down you know at least one thing you could change in your eating habits to kick start your healthy eating journey.

So what's holding you back?

I've got five reasons that many of my clients are struggling with when they first come to me and it's sabotaging their ability to eat for their health long term.

Let's get started!

Focusing On Calories

If something is low in calories than it has to be healthy right? Wrong!

Let me put it this way. Three squares of chocolate can have less calories than an apple, so does that make the chocolate healthier? Absolutely not.

Calories ultimately have nothing to do with eating for your health and your energy levels. You're much better off focusing on food that is going to nourish your body and make you feel damn good.

To top this off, low calorie items can consist of all processed ingredients as oppose to natural ingredients. As we all know, the more natural the ingredient the better!


Not Knowing How to Listen to Your Body

Your body knows what it wants and what it thrives on. The problem is not many people know how to actually listen to their own body!

Did you know that chickpeas have a lot of great nutritional value but if I personally eat too many I feel sick. So does that make them good for me? No! I can certainly eat them but if I eat them in excess they aren't good for my body.

Your body will definitely be different! However if you don't know how to listen to your body and it's signals, it will be hard for you to know this.


Thinking that food is 'good' and 'bad'

This way of thinking can cause you to feel guilty when you eat something you consider to be 'bad' and ultimately lead you down a road of bingeing as well because 'you've stuffed it up now anyway'. 

Have you been there?

All food in excess can be bad. All food eaten in moderation can be good.

If you are listening to your body, it will want nourishing foods that raise your vibration the majority of the time. Yet if you go out socially once a week and eat food that emotionally satisfies you, your body will be ok with this too.


Eating What you Think You Should

If a magazine says kale is something you have to eat but you don't like kale, don't eat it!

You will never be able to eat healthy long term if you are forcing yourself to eat foods that you don't enjoy. It's really that simple.

Finding foods that make you feel great on the inside and you love eating is the fastest way to success. If you continue eating foods that you think you 'should' eat but you truly don't like them, this will be setting yourself up to fail right from the beginning.


Not Focusing On Your Mindset

This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes. Your mindset may seem like it has nothing to do with your eating but it 100% does.

If your mindset is not in the right space you will struggle to eat healthy.

You will find reasons as to why it's too hard. You will find reasons as to why you can't. You will find reasons as to why you don't have time. You will find reasons for everything!

You can have all of the knowledge and read all of the books but if your mind isn't right, you won't succeed.


I want to know! Which point can you relate to the most?




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